What inspires me

The wide range of possibilities in the world, the thousands of nuances of emotions, thoughts and ways of acting, everything is a matter of perspective, everything exists in relation to the importance that we give. We are the ones who decide, how we want to live. We have the magnitude of creating the life we dream of.

About us

YogaNotYoga is a virtual space that aims to share information related to health and wellbeing, both physical and mental.


Create a space for expression, questioning and evolution. Through experience. A place to share information, which aims to inspire and maximize the character of those who read, as well as who writes. You can find from workouts, yoga sequences, healthy food recipes as well as tutorials.


yogaNOTyoga is the motto of Mari Om, creator of this platform and all the content you will see on this page. She is a creative entrepreneur who wants to motivate people who read and see their information in a deeper way and that everyone can create deeper questions about their own journey. Look for your different projects to see which affinity you have and you want to continue!.